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Amy J. Sear, A.P., Dipl. OM

is a graduate of Cornell University and completed her Oriental Medicine education from the Acupressure Acupuncture Institute in Miami, FL, where she received awards for outstanding achievement in academics and clinical practice. She was a Teacher at South East Institute of Oriental Medicine, and is now a Teacher at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Ft. Lauderdale.  She served as President of Florida State Oriental Medical Association (FSOMA) from 2004 to 2010.

Amy is in private practice at the Breast Cancer Centers of Memorial Hospital Systems working to provide excellence in Integrative Care.

Amy has taught numerous courses to professionals on several topics in Chinese Medicine throughout the eastern United States.

Amy is a popular and well respected speaker and is well known for her organized, clear material and her helpful, information filled presentations.

Click here for a complete listing of her speaking engagements:   Speaking-History.pdf

New Offerings:

Functional Medicine Aspects in Breast Cancer  3 Hours   (Home Study Offering)

(earns credit in Biomedicine for Florida renewal and Biomedicine at the NCCAOM) 


Pending (CEU and PDA) Approval:

Herbal Safety  4 Hours

(Home Study Offering)

(earns credit in Medical Errors for Florida renewal and Safety at the NCCAOM)


Available NOW

as Home Study Offerings:

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Ethics in OM Practice, 4 hours,  “Ethics” for NCCAOM recertification, and “General for Florida

Florida Laws and Rules, 2 hours, for Biennial License Renewal

Real Life Medical Errors, 2 hours, for Biennial License Renewal

Safety and Medical Errors, 2 hours, for Biennial License Renewal

Biomedicine of Breast Cancer

Biomedical Aspects of Chinese Herbs

To The Next Level - Course 1 - Most Important Principles in Herbal Practice

Herbal Board Review

Breast Cancer: A Comprehensive and Detailed Presentation

Florida Laws and Rules, 20 hours, for Initial Licensure

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